Why Zero Tax Jobs?

Hi, I'm Sam, creator of Zero Tax Jobs.

I am on a mission to find software engineers and tech folks jobs at the best companies in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

I was born in the UK, but living there never made sense to me; a high cost of living, high taxes and truly terrible weather.

I realised there were better opportunities overseas for international software engineers like me. High quality roles in tax-free locations like Dubai and Saud Arabia, with competitive salaries and a high standard of living.

However, finding a great job in Dubai, UAE and Saudi Arabia was not easy. The best roles were hidden amongst positions unsuitable for expats and many companies struggled to communicate the benefits that international workers could expect.

That's why I built the number 1 job board for software engineers in the Middle East; one that lists only the best jobs for globally minded software engineers and tech folks like myself.

I personally vet each job to ensure it meets our high standards, with a focus on bringing you:

  • High quality Jobs - Excellent, well-paid positions suited to international talent.
  • Visa & Relocation Support - Roles at companies that make it easy for expats to relocate.
  • English Language Jobs - Jobs at workplaces that welcome English speakers.

I need your help!

Please sign up to the weekly newsletter. Why? A big part of my job is explaining to hiring managers that they need to support candidates like you in their recruitment and work culture. Every newsletter signup is proof that there are people like you out there, so if you find this site helpful, please sign up for my job alerts. In the long term, this helps me bring you more high quality, expat-friendly jobs.

I also love hearing from and helping jobseekers. If there is any information that would make taking a zero tax job easier, please let me know about it at sam@zerotaxjobs.com. All questions and suggestions are welcome.