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About the Dubai Software Engineer Salary and Cost of Living Calculator

Welcome to my Dubai Software Engineer Salary Calculator! The salary calculator is free to use and is designed calculate Dubai salaries for software engineers, solutions architects, product managers, IT technicians, data scientists and more. Additionally, after the salary calculation I offer a bonus Cost of Living Estimator; simply fill out your details, and I'll send your financial report directly to your email.

Why I Built This Tool

People who are thinking of moving to United Arab Emirates always ask me what is the average software engineer salary in Dubai, or the average cost of living. I wanted to make it really easy for anyone thinking of moving here to get a quick estimate and see how moving to Dubai could affect their finances.

How It Works

This tool calculates an average salary in Dubai for software engineers based on:

  • My own extensive salary research
  • Data submitted by software engineers through my salary surveys
  • Publicly available salary information

Using this data I created a multiple linear regression model. I then used this model to pre-computer the specific salary values for every combination of inputs available in the quiz.

How Accurate Is My Calculator?

The salary calculator is great for guidance and a starting point for understanding what's possible in Dubai. Understandably, software engineering salaries in Dubai vary a lot depending on the specifics of the role, the company and the candidate's own experience. My focus with Zero Tax Jobs is to bring you the best software engineering jobs in Dubai, that's why my calculator is based on data from top companies in the region. I've written a deep dive article all about software engineer salaries in Dubai and how different types of companies in Dubai have totally different payscales, I recommend you read it.

I should also add that for some specific roles you can see some extremely high salaries in Dubai, I've omitted those from my calculator because they were skewing the data, but I wanted to point out that they do exist.

Don't Forget: Income-Tax Free & More Benefits

Don't forget that there is no income tax on salaries in UAE. That means you take all of it home. Even US citizens, who have to pay federal taxes wherever they are in the world usually don't have to pay tax on their first $120,000 USD thanks to the IRS's Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

Furthermore, most employees offer additional benefits, such as paying for a child's school fees, housing, transport allowance and more. If this sounds good and you're wondering how to find a software engineer job in Dubai or which are the best software companies to work for in Dubai, be sure to check out my article section.

I Value Your Feedback

Let me know how you find using the calculator. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve this toolto make it more usable for you, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find it useful!

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