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Senior DevOps Engineer- SRE

Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates Posted: 21 Jun 2024


  • Estimate: $100k - $150k*
  • Zero income tax location


  • Relocation Support
  • Visa Provided


  • Experience: Senior
  • English: Professional


The DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineering chapter within Emirates IT is seeking skilled Engineers to join our dynamic, high-performing team of experts. Our team is actively working on maturing DevSecOps and reliability engineering practices at every phase of the software lifecycle, from planning to operations. With established partnerships with leading hyperscalers and globally hosted key workloads, we aim to expand our team with DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers. With these new team members, we will continue our journey of enhancing our DevOps and reliability practices and driving end-to-end automation. As a key technologist in the DevOps and Reliability engineering team, Senior DevOps Engineer (SRE) will take an active role in adopting enterprise level technology solutions provided for CI/CD, Container Orchestration, Public/Private Cloud services, Vault services, Observability and to implement the same in the projects/applications using the GitOps approach of everything as code including infrastructure lifecycle management, configuration management, application build & deployment pipelines. He/she applies DevOps/Site reliability principles to ensure speed, availability, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning and act as a bridge between development and operations by applying an engineering mindset to system administration. In this role, you will:

  • Adopt/implement end-to-end Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines for applications/projects using GitOps approach.

  • Implement/configure comprehensive monitoring/observability/rules/alerts/dashboards for infrastructure, application, database, interfaces, etc., in alignment with the Observability maturity framework.

  • Provision, configure, update non-prod and prod infrastructure/environments (Public/Private Cloud and VM/Kubernetes based) using “Infra/Config as code” and GitOps approach.

  • Conduct triages/postmortems for any critical production issues to document the actionable findings to improve the system.

  • Assist the FinOps team in establishing cost optimization practices with fit-for-purpose infrastructure for application workloads.

  • Create all necessary document artifacts on Infra/Environments that are essential for efficient issue troubleshooting and to effectively onboard new team members.

  • Perform/coordinate the scheduled security patching/upgrades to the operating systems, application runtimes along with the platform and application teams to eliminate the vulnerabilities reported.

  • Remove the toil by automating the processes that are repeatedly performed manually and contribute back to the enterprise-wide reusable repository of Digital Platform teams.

  • Measure and report, at pre-defined intervals, the progress/maturity of the DevOps/Reliability improvements done in alignment with the KPIs/Metrics published by the SRE chapter.

  • Participate in the regular drill of backup, resiliency, chaos engineering, switchover testing, disaster recovery, etc

  • Qualifications & Experience

    • Qualifications:
      • Degree or Honours in Computer Science or similar subject.
    • Experience:
      • Ideal candidate will have 3+ years of experience in Information Technology (with 3+ years of hands-on experience with DevOps, Container Orchestration, Observability, Cloud technologies).
    • Required skills:
      • 3+ Years of hands-on experience on DevOps implementation (Git, Git Branching Strategies, CICD pipelines, Jenkins, Binary Artifact Repository, Docker, Shell Scripting, Python)
      • 3+ Years of hands-on experience on Container Orchestration technologies development/Management/Troubleshooting (Kubernetes, HELM, Container Registry)
      • 2+ Years of hands-on experience on Infrastructure/Configuration management (Terraform, Ansible)
      • 2+ Years of hands-on experience on AWS Cloud - Administration/Migration
      • 1+ Years of hands-on experience on Systems/Application APM/Infrastructure Monitoring, Dashboards, alerting and analytics
      • 2+ Years of experience working with Linux Operating System
      • 1+ Years of hands-on experience on application development
      • Excellent exposure and experience on ITIL and Agile Frameworks
    • Advantageous skills:
      • Knowledge / Working experience on Maven/Gradle/NPM, Secret management (HashiCorp Vault), EKS/OpenShift, like AppDynamics, Splunk, Prometheus, Grafana, Logstash, Datadog, Java/NodeJS/DotNet/etc
      • Professional Certification on DevOps related Tools/Technologies, Linux Administration, Public Cloud (AWS), Networking, ScaledAgileFramework
      • Published Blogs, Articles, contributions to OpenForums on DevOps
  • Salary & Benefits
    Join us in Dubai and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary and travel benefits that are exclusive to our industry, including discounts on flights and hotels stays around the world. You can find out more information about our employee benefits in the Working Here section of our website www.emirates.com/careers. Further information on what’s it like to live and work in our cosmopolitan home city, can be found in the Dubai Lifestyle section.

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