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Director - Growth Marketing

Core42 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Posted: 28 May 2024


  • Salary unspecified
  • Zero income tax location


  • Hybrid
  • Apply from abroad
  • Visa Provided


  • Experience: Unspecified
  • English: Professional


Director - Growth Marketing at Core42
Location: Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates

About the job
As the Director of Growth Marketing, your role will be to lead our marketing strategies with a focus on large-scale clients, key sectors, and account-specific marketing efforts. Your responsibilities include generating demand, nurturing customer relationships via CRM systems, orchestrating integrated marketing across fields, and implementing targeted marketing tactics tailored to specific accounts and industries to foster growth. Under your guidance, our marketing initiatives will be finely tuned, personalized, and impactful, ensuring meaningful engagement with our principal accounts and industries.

Strategic Guidance and Direction:

  • Develop and implement a holistic marketing strategy that prioritizes account-specific marketing (ABM) and sector-specific strategies, in addition to conventional marketing approaches for larger enterprises.
  • Collaborate with the executive team to pinpoint strategic accounts and sectors, establishing explicit goals for their engagement and expansion.

Lead Generation, CRM, and ABM:

  • Organize and execute specialized lead generation and ABM campaigns aimed at nurturing and growing key accounts, leveraging CRM systems for segmentation, customization, and tracking interactions.
  • Gain an in-depth comprehension of the specific needs of target accounts and the hurdles within industries to customize marketing communications and solutions accurately.

Integrated Field Marketing:

  • Direct the creation of marketing plans tailored to various industries, utilizing insights to generate relevant content, events, and engagement tactics that resonate within each sector.
  • Synchronize field marketing activities with ABM strategies, ensuring that events and outreach endeavors are focused on key accounts and stakeholders within industries.

Cross Department Collaboration:

  • Maintain a seamless connection between the marketing, sales, product, and customer success departments, creating a cooperative atmosphere that upholds ABM and industry-centric strategies.
  • Communicate transparently across the organization to keep all parties informed about marketing efforts, insights into accounts, and strategic adjustments.

Team Leadership and Growth:

  • Cultivate and guide a marketing team proficient in ABM, CRM, lead generation, and sector-specific marketing strategies.
  • Encourage innovation and continual advancement within the team, advocating for the adoption of new methodologies, technologies, and tactics to improve engagement with accounts and industries.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related discipline.
  • Over 15 years of experience in marketing, with a significant focus on B2B, ABM, enterprise, and sector-specific marketing.
  • Proven track record in crafting and executing successful ABM strategies and campaigns.
  • Deep knowledge of CRM and marketing automation platforms, along with a solid analytical approach to evaluating marketing metrics and KPIs.
  • Exceptional leadership skills, capable of fostering innovation and excellence in marketing within the team.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities, with prior experience in collaborating closely with sales teams and top management.
  • A strategic mindset with a focus on results and impact-driven initiatives.
  • Proven Leadership Abilities And Team Management Experience.
  • A growth mindset with a passion for innovation in the technology and AI space.
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