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Junior Full Stack/UI Developer

Laser Digital Dubai, United Arab Emirates Posted: 28 Mar 2024


  • Salary unspecified
  • Zero income tax location


  • Contact employer for details


  • Experience: Junior
  • English: Professional


About the job

Laser Digital is a crypto business redefining the frontier of digital finance. Backed by Nomura, Laser Digital delivers scalable, robust opportunities across trading, asset management, and ventures. The successful candidate will build UIs for internal users, focusing on the needs of the internal treasury desk. The role involves frontend design and implementation, as well as backend implementation. The candidate will create UIs and dashboards reflecting funding rates, staking rewards, and funding curves across spot and derivatives markets. The role will interact with traders, operations, and risk teams directly. Skills required include experience in Dashboard/UI design and implementation, React GUI experience, knowledge of architectural principles for modern single-page web apps, Typescript/Javascript, database design/implementation, exposure to AWS, and Rust knowledge would be a bonus.

  • Skills Required: JavaScript, React.js
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About Laser Digital

Laser Digital is a Nomura Group company, delivering scalable, robust opportunities across trading, asset management, and ventures in crypto. The team works at higher standards of risk management, compliance, and commercial viability, all driven by a belief in more responsible crypto innovation. With an open and dynamic culture, Laser Digital has the freedom to adapt to market needs, to move swiftly to capitalization, and to share knowledge with clients and partners—bringing greater confidence to the institutional market, for the benefit of all.