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Senior C++ Engineer - Autonomous Robotics

Technology Innovation Institute Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Posted: 01 Apr 2024


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  • Zero income tax location


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  • Experience: Senior
  • English: Professional


Senior C++ Engineer - Autonomous Robotics Technology Innovation Institute

  • Skills: Computer Hardware, Problem Solving, and more
  • Responsibilities:
    • Design, implement, and optimize the current software architecture of the autonomous stack.
    • Develop a comprehensive, behavior-based decision-making framework for diverse autonomous ground vehicles.
    • Develop unit and functional test cases for the autonomous stack.
    • Conduct thorough evaluations of decision-making architectures, seeking continuous improvement.
    • Collaborate across functions for seamless integration of decision-making modules with vehicle systems.
    • Stay updated on emerging trends in autonomous driving and decision-making algorithms.
    • Produce extensive technical documentation and support internal teams and third-party understanding and adoption.
    • Work in projects utilizing C++, Python, and various ROS components
  • Requirements:
    • Proven experience in decision-making algorithms for autonomous ground robots.
    • Strong C++ and Python programming skills, with a solid foundation in algorithm design and system architecture.
    • Deep understanding of decision-making approaches, including Rule-Based, Optimization, Probabilistic, Statistical Learning-Based, Deep Learning-Based, and Reinforcement Learning-Based Methods.
    • Practical experience with multi-vehicle systems, robotic racing, and autonomous vehicle challenges.
    • Excellent problem-solving, creativity, and attention to detail.
    • Outstanding communication and teamwork skills, capable of leading in interdisciplinary settings.
    • Continuous learning commitment, keeping abreast of the latest in autonomous driving and related technologies.
    • Expertise in C++ debugging tools like gdb, valgrind, etc., and profilers like gperftools.
    • Experience with ground robotics projects involving Linux, docker, ROS1/2, and agile tools like git, Jira.
    • Significant hands-on experience with field experiments and hardware integration.
  • Qualifications:
    • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD in Robotics, Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
    • Relevant work experience
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