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ICT Manager

NEOM Neom, Saudi Arabia Posted: 23 May 2024


  • Salary unspecified
  • Zero income tax location


  • Office Only
  • Visa Provided


  • Experience: Senior
  • English: Professional
  • Arabic: Conversational



Position ICT Manager – Port Department IT Department - Port Sector OXAGON

Role Purpose

The ICT Manager is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the smooth operation of all IT-related functions at the port. This includes management of IT infrastructure, software systems, and security protocols, as well as collaborating with other departments to support the overall port's operations.

Key Accountabilities & Activities

Finance Operations Infrastructure Management:

  • Ensure the maintenance, performance, and security of all IT infrastructure including servers, networks, and communications equipment.

Infrastructure Oversight:

  • Manage the port’s Infrastructure supporting Terminal Operating Systems (TOS), ensuring its efficient operation and recommend continuous upgrades.


  • Implement and monitor cybersecurity measures to protect the port's IT infrastructure and data against threats. Coordinate regular security audits, system backups, and disaster recovery plans.

Vendor Management:

  • Evaluate, select, and maintain relationships with external IT vendors, ensuring the port receives high-quality services and products.

User Support:

  • Oversee the IT support team, ensuring that they provide timely assistance to port staff. Provide training on new systems and protocols.

Strategic Planning:

  • Collaborate with port IT management to align IT strategies with the port’s overall goals. Identify opportunities for process improvements through IT solutions.


  • Ensure all IT operations adhere to industry regulations and standards.

Stay Updated:

  • Continuously monitor the latest IT trends, ensuring the port’s IT systems remain modern and efficient.

People Management

  • Help instill a culture of development, guidance, and performance within the ICT department. Develop a strong rapport with stakeholders throughout the organization. Work on performance objectives, provide necessary support, evaluate / appraise staff and provide regular feedback on performance. Promote a high-performance working environment embracing NEOM’s values.

Background, Skills & Qualifications

Personal Skills

  • Strong leadership and managerial skills.
  • Analytical thinker with problem-solving capabilities.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and prioritize tasks effectively.
  • Detail-oriented and committed to continuous improvement.


  • Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field.
  • Minimum of 7 years of experience in IT management, with specific experience in port or shipping environments being a strong advantage.
  • Proven experience in managing IT infrastructure and software systems.
  • Strong knowledge of cybersecurity best practices and data protection protocols.
  • Proficient in relevant software and IT systems commonly used in port operations.
  • Familiarity with industry regulations and standards related to IT in port environments.



  • Port IT Director
  • Finance Director – Port
  • Port Project Team
  • Oxagon Technology & Science Team
  • Tonomus


  • External ICT providers
  • External partners and affiliates
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