• 2017
  • Neom, Saudi Arabia
  • Government Administration

Redefining the Future

NEOM is a bold and visionary project, designed to be the land of the future. As a global hub for innovation, sustainability, and economic diversification, our ambition is to redefine livability, business, and conservation. With an investment of USD 500 billion from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia and international investors, NEOM is set to become a community powered by diversity and talent across 14 key sectors.


As a forward-looking economic engine, NEOM is pioneering new benchmarks for talent and enterprise, creating a sustainable economy that is open for global business.


Our approach to urbanism puts people and nature first. THE LINE, our revolutionary linear city, and the connectivity of our regions, are setting new global standards for future living.


At the heart of NEOM, conservation is key. We are committed to being an accelerator of planetary regeneration, ensuring that nature is protected and thrived.

Our Purpose

Empowered by the greatest minds and talents, NEOM is a place where pioneering ideas are brought to life, transcending boundaries in a world fueled by imagination.

Values & Code of Conduct

NEOM is built on the values of care, curiosity, diversity, passion, respect, and catalyzing change, aiming to create a lasting legacy for a better world.

Benefits at NEOM

Working at NEOM offers a unique opportunity to be part of building a new future. As an employee, you can expect:

Professional Growth

  • Access to cutting-edge projects and technologies.
  • Opportunities to work with a diverse and talented international workforce.

Work-Life Balance

  • A community-driven environment that prioritizes wellness and sustainability.
  • Access to recreational activities and natural landscapes, providing an ideal setting for work and play.

Making an Impact

  • Contribute to global challenges and be part of a project with a vision to make the world a better place.
  • Be part of a culture that values innovation, sustainability, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Jobs at NEOM