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Platforms Lead

NEOM Neom, Saudi Arabia Posted: 28 Mar 2024


  • Salary unspecified
  • Zero income tax location


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  • Experience: Senior
  • English: Professional


  • Location: NEOM, Saudi Arabia
  • Department: Authority Cyber Security Office
  • Business Unit: NEOM Authority
  • Job Title: Platform Lead
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Develop and execute the strategic vision for utilizing Kubernetes, Rancher, OpenShift, and similar technologies within the platform architecture.
    • Ensure high availability, performance, and scalability of platform operations.
    • Design and implement secure, robust, and scalable infrastructure solutions.
    • Facilitate the development and deployment of containerized applications and microservices.
    • Drive automation and streamline development processes and deployments through CI/CD pipelines.
    • Lead, mentor, and develop the engineering team to foster innovation and continuous learning.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams for integrated solution delivery.
    • Uphold platform security and compliance with industry standards and best practices.
  • Qualifications:
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field.
    • Certifications in Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Red Hat, or relevant technologies preferred.
    • Demonstrated experience in platform management, particularly with Kubernetes, Rancher, and OpenShift.
    • Proven leadership in technical teams and managing sophisticated cloud-native environments.
  • Skills:
    • Deep expertise in Kubernetes, Rancher, and OpenShift.
    • Proficiency in automation and IaC tools like Terraform and Ansible.
    • Familiarity with Red Hat enterprise solutions and certifications.
    • Knowledge of cloud computing platforms (Azure, GCP, DEEM, STCs) and Linux/Unix Administration.
    • Skilled in CI/CD tools (Jenkins, GitLab CI) and container technologies.
    • Strong understanding of networking, security, and database management in cloud environments.
    • Excellent leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.
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About NEOM

NEOM is a bold vision for the future, aiming to redefine livability, business, and conservation. As a global hub, it is set to become a community powered by diversity and talent across 14 key sectors. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and economic diversification, NEOM is building a new economic model for the world.

Benefits at NEOM

    • Access to cutting-edge projects and technologies in a diverse and talented international workforce.
    • A community-driven environment prioritizing wellness and sustainability, with recreational activities and natural landscapes.
    • Opportunity to contribute to global challenges and be part of a visionary project aiming to make the world a better place.