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Linux System Engineer

Noon Dubai, United Arab Emirates Posted: 04 May 2024


  • Salary unspecified
  • Zero income tax location


  • Hybrid


  • Experience: Senior
  • English: Professional


  • Description: We are looking for a capable Linux system engineer, with strong multi cloud exposure, to expand our DevOps team. The candidate must be a team player and have experience in teamwork. Must demonstrate skills required in direct decisions and have at least 7 years' hands-on experience in managing complex and high-performance enterprise systems, focused on the scalability and reliability aspects. Strong understanding of Linux containers, processes, and Sysadmin expertise in notable Linux distributions are necessary.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Manage, configure, and maintain Linux servers and systems to ensure high availability, performance, and security.
    • Design, deploy, and maintain cloud-based solutions (Azure, GCP) to support our growing infrastructure needs.
    • Architect, implement, and maintain SQL and NoSQL database clusters (MongoDB, SQL, etc.) to meet application data requirements.
    • Collaborate with DevOps and development teams to automate deployment, monitoring, and scaling processes.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve complex system issues, ensuring quick resolution to minimize downtime.
    • Perform regular system backups, updates, and security patches to maintain system integrity.
    • Monitor system performance, analyze trends, and implement improvements to optimize resource utilization.
    • Implement and enforce security best practices across the Linux environment and cloud resources.
    • Provide mentorship and technical guidance to junior team members, fostering knowledge sharing.
    • Participate in on-call rotations to address critical incidents and maintain system uptime.
  • Requirements:
    • Bachelor's degree in computer science, Information Technology, or a related field.
    • Minimum of 7 years of experience as a Linux System Engineer or similar role in a production environment.
    • Linux certification (e.g., RHCE) is required.
    • Proven expertise in cloud platforms (Azure, GCP) with hands-on experience in designing, deploying, and managing cloud-based infrastructure.
    • Solid understanding of NoSQL databases and experience in setting up, maintaining, and optimizing NoSQL clusters.
    • Proficiency in scripting languages (Python, Bash, etc.) for automation and system administration tasks.
    • Strong knowledge of networking protocols, security practices, and performance optimization.
    • Familiarity with containerization and orchestration tools (Docker, Kubernetes) is a plus.
    • Excellent problem-solving skills with the ability to troubleshoot complex issues.
    • Effective communication skills and ability to collaborate effectively across teams.
    • Proven ability to work well in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
  • Skills:
    • Problem solving
    • Strong drive to deliver results
    • Elevated level of energy, enthusiasm, and passion
    • Fluent in English
    • Flexible working style
  • Required tools & technologies:
    • Linux Operating Systems (Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.)
    • Cloud Platforms: Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    • NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, etc.
    • Scripting Languages: Python, Bash
    • Networking Protocols (TCP/IP, DNS (Domain Name System), HTTP, HTTPS, etc.)
    • Security Best Practices and Tools
    • Configuration Management Tools: Ansible, Terraform
    • Monitoring and Logging Tools: Prometheus, Grafana, Dynatrace, Azure Log Analytics
    • Version Control Systems: Git
    • Containerization and Orchestration: Docker, Kubernetes
    • Virtualization Technologies: VMware, VirtualBox
    • Backup and Recovery Solutions
    • Incident Response and Troubleshooting
    • Basic SQL Knowledge
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